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Bridgesone T30 Evo
« on: 29 June, 2016, 12:32:44 PM »

I bought a set of these about a month ago to replace the standard Pirelli Scorpions fitted to the Multi.  As discussed on the Forum there are a number of very good options when it comes to buying touring tyres, but I had narrowed my choice down to either Pr4s or the T30s.  I'd previously had Pr4s on both my Biffer and SV650 and had found them to be good all round performers.  I eventually decided on the T30s mainly because they were cheaper and an acquaintance runs T30s on his Multi and swears by them.

So having now done 2k on them of which 1600 was in France on a variety of roads and weathers  (dry to torrential rain) I must say that I am pretty pleased with them. They are very stable  fully laden at speeds up to 90mph. Handling is very good, they don't appear to track ruts and grooves in the road as some tyres seem to and they turn in a little more sharply than the Scorpions. Wet weather performance has been very good, both on the straight where they coped well with a lot of surface water, and on bends where they felt fine with no issues, except : the one area they didn't cope well with was on the neat tar/bitumen that the French do a lot of road repairs with ( shows as shiny black in the rain) – they had very little grip on this stuff and the rear slid a number of times on bends . My son, on my old SV650 with PR4s didn't seem to have the same problems – but, different bike, different rider..).

Overall I'm happy with the T30s and would probably buy them again. However, in all honesty at my level of riding I haven't found them to be very different to my experience with Pr4s- I'd be perfectly happy with either.
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Re: Bridgesone T30 Evo
« Reply #1 on: 29 June, 2016, 02:25:31 PM »
Thank you for that report Alantriggs, I am due a set of tyres soon and have been considering the T30s,  good to get a biffer owners review like that to assist in my decision.