Author Topic: LED Headlight bulb(s) - Has anyone installed on a CBF1000 and if so...?  (Read 49505 times)

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*Originally Posted by Art [+]
Any Universal H7 to HID bulb conversion kit should be OK. I'm more than happy with the 9.95 HID kit I purchased off eBay, 7 years later and its still doing what it does and what it does is light up the road ahead. It also conforms to the latest MOT regulations. I never converted the main beam because of the lag between switching a HID lamp on and the lamp coming on. If you want a quick flick of full beam it doesn't happen with HID's and there can be as much as a 10 second or so lag before the lamp fully illuminates.

It does give a bright 'flash'. I agree that it immediately drops in intensity and takes around 10 seconds to reach full brilliance once again.
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