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on: 29 September, 2014, 12:08:33 PM
I'm not sure if I've posted this before, but it is worth repeating as we get into the 'foggy season'.

Most of us try to avoid motorways, especially when it is foggy, but having been almost involved in a multiple pile-up, can I offer the following advice, without sounding patronising, when we can't avoid riding or driving on motorways in fog.

We know we should be able to stop in the distance we can see, but in fog judging what is a safe speed, especially on a motorway, is not easy. There are car drivers who forget they have windscreen wipers and progress at a snails pace with a vice like grip on their steering wheel and their faces pressed up to their windscreen. Then there are others who obviously have radar as they flash past. Of course the 2 second rule is useless as all it means is that you join the pile-up 2 seconds after the vehicle in front does....

Recognising that the road could be damp, and that we need a reasonable safety margin, the simplest was I have found over many years is to identify any stationary object, such as a bridge, sign or tree, and count the number of seconds it takes to pass it. If it is five seconds and you are travelling at 60mph, then you are going too fast. If you allow one second for each 10mph, then you'll have time to stop if the worst happens. When using this simple aid you'll be surprised how often fog varies in density and how your speed will vary if you are making reasonable progress. Going too slow can also be dangerous!
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Re: Fog!
Reply #1 on: 29 September, 2014, 12:39:05 PM
Wise words on a subject that many will simply forget about after having such a nice summer.
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Re: Fog!
Reply #2 on: 29 September, 2014, 01:07:54 PM
Thanks Rev Ken. Got caught in the fog on the motorway. coming home from Alps over the weekend. Great tip that I will use next time.


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Re: Fog!
Reply #3 on: 29 September, 2014, 01:12:20 PM
Spent time in heavy fog this morning, thankfully not on the motorway.  I found it odd trying to work out what was fog, what was fog on visor and what was fog on my glasses.  I think at some point it was all three.

The worst I have had was fog when it was -10*C.  I gave up on the visor after the fog started freezing on it and I couldn't get it clear with a wipe of the glove, I just removed my glasses and drove visorless at 30mph.  Luckily only 10 miles to home.
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Re: Fog!
Reply #4 on: 29 September, 2014, 05:25:20 PM
Thanks for the good advice. I work on the bank of the River Forth and regularly ride in fog, not just in winter. Still amazes me sometimes how many drivers don't  switch their lights on, even in a pee-souper.

I had a scary moment years ago driving up the M6 in dense fog during the night. I was down to about 25mph and would barely have been able to stop within the limits of my vision. Next thing an HGV overtakes me at I reckon 70mph (pre speed governor days) and disappeared into the gloom. If there had been stationary traffic ahead he would have ploughed right into it.

There are times you just can't believe the stupidity of other drivers.
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