Author Topic: Dropped new to me 2012 bike in driveway on first day  (Read 6748 times)

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Re: Dropped new to me 2012 bike in driveway on first day
Reply #30 on: 10 September, 2014, 06:09:28 PM
The police course sounds interesting. I must do the Swiss version of that as they require the practical test for all new to Switzerland riders. I think the training includes figure 8's and other low speed drills.

My recovery time was actually quite good on many levels. It showed me just how costly a moment of inattention and poor technique can be. All of the research I did helped me understand just how much I didn't know and motivated me to work on becoming a better rider.

I went out for a 130 mile ride today which took all of 5 hours as I spent quite a lot of time on the mountain roads going from Nyon to St. Cergue. A lot of switchbacks, off camber turns, decreasing radius, etc. - just the kind of stuff that is perfect for low speed drills to get the technique down and then push it up a bit when the curves are known. It was a great ride and I got much more comfortable on the Biffer, which is truly a well handling machine.

Now must get back to work and shorten my biking time for the next couple of weeks  :157: