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Mark 1 or mark 2?
on: 30 March, 2013, 01:45:44 AM
You'll see mentioned on the forum a lot mark 1 and mark 2, or mk1, mk2 machines. If you've not been around a while, this can be confusing, so to help resolve matters, here's a helpful and handy guide.

CBF1000 is the base model of the original machine which has become known on the forum as the mark 1. It has 2 exhausts and analogue clocks.
CBF1000A is the ABS version of the same.
CBF1000F is the base model of the revised machine which has become known on the forum as the mark 2. It has a single exhaust, black engine and digital clocks.
CBF1000FA is the ABS version of that machine.

GT(or similar) denotes a luggage/fairing pack applied to one of the above models. Anything marketed for the base models should fit one of these models.

The model year is defined by an additional number or letter after that designation. The mark 1 machines (2 exhausts remember) have numbers from 6-9 (2006-9) and letter T for 2010. The mark 2 machines were only availble from 2010 onwards, so only have a letter year designation, A, B, C etc. I ride a CBF1000A7. A 2007 mark 1 with ABS. A CBF1000FAC is a 2012 mark 2 (one exhaust) machine with ABS.

As a general rule the ABS version is no different to the non-ABS version (aftermarket parts listed for CBF1000 will fit on CBF1000A) but there is difference between marks (parts listed for CBF1000 will NOT fit CBF1000F), but there are a few exceptions, such as aftermarket handlebar levers (which fit both models).
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