Author Topic: CBF1000FA (Mk2) Screen - Givi V's Powerbronze  (Read 11528 times)

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Re: CBF1000FA (Mk2) Screen - Givi V's Powerbronze
Reply #10 on: 12 October, 2012, 03:23:58 PM
Hi Pots, I'll pass on the longer chainguard request for you  :028:


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Re: CBF1000FA (Mk2) Screen - Givi V's Powerbronze
Reply #11 on: 22 January, 2013, 06:48:11 PM
Just to finish up on this. I never did figure out what was causing the noise. It was still audible with the original Honda screen fitted but not as bad. The CalSci (nice piece of kit) seemed to be amplifying the noise not causing it! Having 'gaffer taped' everything to everything round the front of the bike, I was on the point of taking the whole fairing etc off to see if that would make a difference. At that point I really couldn't be bothered any more! Either way I've given up and changed the bike for an XJR1300. Good old fashioned flies in your teeth biking! Honestly, it's great - try one and see. The CBF went and handled really well, but what with the strange noises (really really annoying!!), the 'Biffer' wobble on deceleration and it wasn't actually that comfortable for the pillion, I'd had enough. Nice one Honda, can't believe you'd let something as nasty as that screen onto the market. This ends a relationship stretching back to an SS50 in the '70's! If anyones interested the screens on Ebay (Jan 2013).

Just as a footnote, I've fitted a PowerBronze hugger and fender extender to the XJR and they're both really good - well done PowerBronze. Can't wait for Spring!